A couple struggle against the system in a world where everyone is made of money.
BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Animation 2018 - Animation Nominee
Best Picture - St Andrews Film Festival 2018
Best Animation at Screentest: The National Student Film Festival 2018
Best Sound Design at Screentest: The National Student Film Festival 2018
Special Mention - Timeline Film Festival
IE Student Film Festival 2019
Le Plein de Super 2019
Frames Film Festival 2019
Zaporizhzhia International Film Festival 2018
International Film Festival “Cinema and You” 2019
Feminist Film Series: Nonfiction Shorts 2019
On Air Festival, il vento che porta Sorrento 2019
St Neots Film Festival/Youth Film Festival 2018
Official Selection
14 World Festival of Animated Film Varna 2018
Screentest: The National Student Film Festival 2018
El Paso IMPACTFest Film Festival 2018
2nd Chaniartoon International Comic and Animation Festival 2018
St Neots Film Festival 2018
48th Roshd International Film Festival
Tbilisi International Animation Festival 2018
RIFAC- The International Anti-Corruption Film Festival 2018
Panama Animation Fest 2018
KingstOOn 2018
Festival Internacional de Cine La Picasa 2018
InShort Film Festival 2019
Timeline Film Festival 2019
Indie-Lincs International Film Festival 2019
That Film Festival - Cannes 2019
Flicks International Student Short Film Festival 2019
Animex Awards 2019
Animation Nights New York 2019
Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019
St Andrews Film Festival
The Animator Showcase at Pinewood Studios 2019
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019
La Truca 2019
Sofilm Summerlab 2019
Pop Corn Festival del Corto 2019
Toyama International Film Festiva 2019
Capturing Freedom Short Film Contest 2019
Link International Film Festival 2019
Short Film Night 2019
Alexandure Trauner ART/Film Festival 2019
Tulipoff International Film Festival 2019
Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2019
Margate Film Festival 2019
Birmingham Film Festival 2019
ASA Humanitarian Film Festival 2019
BAM! Festival 2019
Mobile Animation Film Festival 2019
ANNY: Animation Nights New York - Cannes Selection 2019
backup and beyond 2019
Sunscreen Film Festival 2019

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